Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week 23 (16 Jan - 23 Jan 2012)

Construction guys came back to the site this week after break.
1 - External wall has been cleaned with high-pressure water.
2 - Internal ducts for air-conditioner were installed
3 - Roof tiles and eaves in main building completed.
4 - Outdoor TV antenna was installed.

Week 20, 21 & 22 (26 Dec 2011 - 15 Jan 2012)

Christmas Break

Monday, January 2, 2012

Week 19 (19 Dec 2011 – 25 Dec 2011)

This is the last week before Christmas. The construction will be stopping in next one month for holiday break.
I am cencerning of the swell of timber frame and floor in raining during the break.
As I have not received response from the builder, I issued an official letter with following my requirements on Monday (19-12-2011). Unless I received positive response or any progress on site by 23-12-2011, I will be considering to submit the complaint to Fair Trading.
1 – In less than 4 months, the company has changed 3 site supervisors. It resulted in nobody understood and cared my construction. (After discussed with Fair Trading) I requested the company to provide a copy of licence for each site supervisor to ensure my house is managed by a licenced person.
2 – It is confirmrd by Fair Trading that it is builder’s liability to provide pretecting measure for timber frame and floor during raining. I requested the company to complete roof or provide protecting cover during one month’s break.
3 – Two major drainage points have been wrongly located from bathroom and laundry to living room and family room respectively in the ground level. I asked the builder to keep me noticed prior to any modification or repair of the errors. I may reject any solution without my approval.
Fortunately, the builder started doing roof on Wednesday (21 Dec) and Thursday (22 Dec) and completed most of roof works. It can provide sufficient protection to the timber during raining.
Howsoever it is good progress at last minute and set my mind at rest during holiday.
I hope to see more good progress and management in the coming year.

Week 18 (12 Dec 2011 – 18 Dec 2011)

No progress this week.
I have sent a couple of email to the builder to discuss the construction progress and a few construction errors.
Awaiting for the response.